Sunday, December 18, 2005

Things are coming along rather nicely with the Ibis project. I have almost the whole bike built using original NOS or near-NOS 88 parts with the exception of the seatpost, stem, handlebar and tires. It's not easy finding decent quality 24" tires that aren't for DH bikes (and therefore won't fit in the stays of an 88 bike) so I went with an IRC Pirhana 2.1 on the back and a Panaracer Cinder 2.25 on the front. I think they'll ride awesome, and they really match the character and purpose of the bike. I have the approximate date for this beauty pre-dating an 88 on the First Flight website, as there is an Ibis with the serial # 448 as an '88. The number of mine is 423...

Somehow, I lucked into some NOS XT paralellogram platforms and a near-NOS Specialized crank...

This doesn't leave a whole lot for a final reveal...because I'm sure you're all just ACHING to look at the final version...(Isn't it a shame how sarcasm doesn't translate over the Internet?!?!)

I have subbed in a Titec handlebar for the Azonic because, although the matte finish doesn't match like I hoped, the bend in this rise allows for the levers to ride further inboard, which makes the bike actually ridable (which I fully intend to do!)

Mmmm...Bontrager-built Titec stem w/ ti hardware! If you look close, you can see the gusset by the quill.


This is the only Mt. Trials I know of with Shimano horizontal road dropouts. One thing I need to do is put a shorter rear axle in the hub, as the rear spacing on this frame is 126mm...a Scot Nicol touch to help the chainline with such short chainstays...15 to 15.75" in 1988...holy crap!!!


What are the odds of finding matching 88 Rm-20's in a 24 and 26 inch?!?! The best part is, I found three 24-inchers which I am hoarding all to myself!

This is my first full restoration...not bad for a $60 powdercoat job...I've had these parts waiting for a while. Now, I just need to hook up the cables and Grab-On grips and it's good to go! Oh, and I need to adjust the's cup and cone, you real BB's should be!

Other than the frame itself, and its design, I'd have to say my favorite parts are the fillet brazed seat tube/seatstay junction and the bronze head tube badge...Damn, am I a big ol' geek!


Blogger Kleja said...

I have no idea what you are talking about but your bike sure is a beauty...GOOD JOB Richie!

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