Monday, July 11, 2005


So...this is my blog...for now, I won't be commenting on any pertnent political issues...I'll leave that to the pros.

What I will do, however, is let you all in on the weird obsession I have had over the past couple of years that has started taxing every iota of space in our home, yet sends me back to when I got into mountain biking in the first 1987.

The collection started with this, an NOS 1991 Nishiki Alien ACX frame and fork which is in a constant state of evolution, in search of the perfect build. It is a 0-miler so far, and I intend to keep it as a trailer queen for as long as possible...


The drivetrain is mostly 1991 XT with Scott SE cantis, Syncros bar and post, Answer Hyperlite bar, Tioga Revolver crank...most is NOS with the exception of the rims, tires and post...Here's a shot of the bar-area


The fork will soon be replaced with either a completely rebuilt and refurbished Scott Unishox, or full-polished Mag 20. I'm thinking the Unishox will be more period-correct. I also have a black Turbo seat slated for installation this week.


The second bike I added to my permanent collection was my 1995 Bontrager Race Lite, which I currently ride as my daily rider. Not an entirely sexy spec, but it rides like a daemon and climbs like a mountain goat on crack.


I have a red fork that rotates depending on the seat-leakage situation, and so it doesn't always look lik a bag of M&M's.


And then, there's my dream bike since the first magazine I ever bought in April, '87. The Raleigh Edge. A bike that revolutionized how I saw mountain bikes...Behold. All original...even the cables and housing...
OK, maybe not the grips, pedals, rear brakes or rear tire...but you get the idea...but seriously, the cables and housing are original...

And then the 2005 bikes that this John Olsen revolution spurred...

And the latest and possibly greatest addition to the collection in my 1985 Ritchey Ascent...with 1987 XT grouppo...The frame MAY have one chip on it...this bike is cherry. I'm afraid to do anything to it...Original drivetrain and Bullmoose bars are forthcoming, but may not actually make it onto the bike. It just looks too good this way! Check it out.

I'll gladly add requested detail shots, spec lists, updates and other ongoing projects as they come up...